Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Otis the pug loves spit-up. He loves the smell of it, the look of it, the taste of it. Lucky for him, he has 2 very spit-uppity babies living in his house so there are plenty of opportunities for him to get a taste. My floors have never been so clean!

Otis' new spit-up related trick? When he sees that the babies are about to be burped or hears the uuurp sound, he runs right over to catch whatever may be coming his way. He's so well conditioned that the sound of a baby's bubble will wake him from a nap.

Of the twins, Jack seems to beOtis' favorite and I'm willing to bet money it's because Jack has Henry beat in terms of frequency and volume of spit up.


Blogger Indigo Wolf said...

Yum! And I thought it was weird that my dog enjoys my morning breath.

12:37 PM  

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