Tuesday, June 28, 2005


We had the ultrasound last night and found out that one of the twins is definitely a boy! Baby number two was a little bit shy and squirmy, though the ultrasound tech thinks she's a girl. So, if that was correct, then my mommy's intuition was correct- I'm pregnant with one of each!

The babies seem to be doing fine. We saw their little spines. We saw their tiny hearts beating. We saw their little arms and legs kicking and waving. It was quite amazing!

We probably won't have the next ultrasound until we are back in New York, so it'll be awhile before we know the identity of the second twin. But in the meantime, we are happy that they seem to be developing normally, that they are both busy and healthy.

Monday, June 06, 2005


I am happy to report that made it to the 12 week milestone with very little fanfare. That is to say, as much as I complain about my fatigue and queasiness and growing belly- I know that I've had it easy compared with a lot of folks. And the best part is, that since I hit that magical week 12, my sense of smell is a little less acute, my nausea is gone, and I have a tad more energy (I'm able to stay up until 9:30 now instead of carshing at 8:00).

We had our 2nd OB appointment on Saturday morning and in true pregnant woman fashion, I got the time wrong. My brain has definitely turned to mush. But happily, we were able to hear both heartbeats thumping away at 140 bpm and 148 bpm respectively. A bit fast, my OB said, but nothing to worry to about. And I was just so relieved to hear those little corazons at all, that the fact they were a tad too excited didn't faze me.

Ultrasound number 3 is scheduled for the 27th and my doctor seems to think we might be able to find out the babies' sexes at that point. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but am not holding my breath. I will be happy to see the little ones onscreen again. I've missed looking at them. And the video we have from the 7 week ultrasound just seems soooooo six weeks ago.

Oh, and did I happen to mention that the hubby and I (and the twins and Otis F.) are moving back to New York this summer? We are. In 6 weeks to be exact- so there's lots to do on that front as well- namely find a maternal fetal medicine specialist covered by my insurance, find an apartment that fits a family of four and that we can afford, pack up the stuff we're taking with us, sell the stuff we're not, and convince little Otis to crawl into his travel carrier for the trip back home.

For all of the complaining I've done about Mexico, now that it's time to leave, I am getting a bit sentimental about my three years here. But then again, I am more than ready to return to NYC. To go home.