Tuesday, December 07, 2004

no surprises here

My period arrived on my birthday. So there goes that fantasy. I was not nearly as disappointed as I thought I might be. I seem to be getting better at this self-preservation stuff.

But despite the arrival of the blood, it was a very good birthday. The entire school wished me "Felicidades!" in the morning, I went out for good Indian food with some friends after work, and my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the Norah Jones concert even though we missed part of her first song (my favorite). And then this past weekend, we went to a hotel in town and pretended we were on vacation. Watched too much TV, ate really well, and caught the Basquiat exhibit at Bellas Artes. Not a bad birthday at all.

In infertility news, my in-laws received and opened a bill from our RE which billed us for all sorts of crazy tests that I had never had done so I wrote to them this weekend and am still waiting to hear back. I'm assuming that to do a uroplasma test I would have had to give a urine sample (I didn't) and so I really think that this is a billing error and not them trying to pull a fast one on me. The only procedure I had done when we were there was an ultrasound. Anyway, I also let him know that I had started my cycle and am verrrrrry regular and could we please schedule my mock transfer now so that I can let work know that I'll be gone for a few days in January. I'm debating whether or not to tell my boss what's up or whether I should just tell her that I need to go back to the States for a minor medical procedure and save the juicy details for when I need to ask for 2 weeks off in March. Any advice here would be more than welcome.

So once again I am in wait and see mode. Am less than mildly amused that the new RE was quick to answer my e-mails and phone calls when he was wooing me as a potential new patient and now that I'm a paying customer takes his precious time to respond to me. But such is life, no?

What else? I outed myself (infertilty-wise) to one friend and kept guiltily mum to another who asked about the future of babies in my life. It felt liberating and sickening respectively.

Haven't looked at sperm donors recently. Too hard. But we will. Eventually. As soon as I hear back from the RE about my mock transfer I'll start pestering him about the timeline for ordering sperm.

It's getting late and I need to go to bed. I promise to try to update more frequently. Maybe that can be a New Year's resolution?


Blogger Indigo Wolf said...

I think you should save the juicy details for later. Minor medical procedure should be enough. If your bossess presses you about what procedure, if you feel comfortable, go ahead and tell her.
-Carrie Jo

8:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hiya--Even though I'm local to Cornell, I was freaking out a couple of months back about scheduling my mock transfer, and I heard from another out of town patient that they just did her mock transfer during retrieval so she wouldn't have to make a special trip. "Mock transfer" sounds fancier than it is--it's just a measurement of your uterus so they can figure out what kind of catheter to use. Definitely double check to see whether you *have* to make a special trip just for that.

(And a belated happy birthday!)

~Brooklyn Girl

6:00 AM  
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