Thursday, October 14, 2004

the consult

My husband had his phone consult with Guru early this morning. I was extremely nervous all morning, waiting for my husband's call, worrying that somehow things would go awry, that we had put all of our faith in Guru being the answer, only to discover that he was no better than our guy in DC.

But it went well.

Guru had all of our medical records in front of him (minus the ones that Blecch's office failed to fax)and my husband had a list of questions that we wrote out last night as well as the lab report from his ultrasound.

Based on all of the available information, it looks like we'll be able to start IVF in March. I'll start taking drugs in February and we'll do the microdissection surgery and egg retrieval in March. It's a little farther away than I had hoped, but still in the realm of the not-too-distant future. And unlike Hope's prediction that we'd start in September, actually seems realistic to jaded old me.

My husband set up an appointment with Guru for the time we'll be in NYC and that feels promising- three birds with one stone: the RE, the urologist, and the lab technician for the chromosomal testing.

We still need to decide whether or not to repair my husband's varicocele. Guru thinks that if we go forward with that surgery, there would only be a 10% chance of upping his sperm count. He also thinks that (based on the bloodwork), my husband has sertoli-cell only syndrome. Blecch told us that with sertoli cell, we'd only have a 5-15% chance of finding sperm, Guru thought it was more like 30-50%. Much better odds, I think. And odds that I can live with.

So, we're moving along in thie journey towards being parents, slowly but definitely surely.

Two more weeks until we meet Guru in person. I can't wait!


Blogger amanda said...

A plan. How wonderful. It's always better when you have a plan. I'm glad the consult went well. Sounds like your trip to NYC will be very productive. Good luck!

7:46 AM  
Blogger spiller said...

Yay!Sounds like things are moving along smoothly...

4:38 PM  

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