Tuesday, September 07, 2004

three things

Wouldn't you know it. A week after I started a new job, the organization that I was hoping to work for, but who turned me down in June, wrote to me and asked if I was interested in doing a long-term consultancy for them. And I can't of course. But passed the info along to a friend here who is looking for work and am hoping that she gets it.

I'm liking the new job more and more. And I am slowly acclimating to the hours away from home, away from my computer, away from the internet. I'm still exhausted when I get home every day, but it's a good exhaustion that comes from being productive as opposed to the exhaustion I had before which came from sitting on my ass all day.

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Nurse Helpful is back from vacation and has already e-mailed me twice (twice!) since she returned. I'm feeling better about going with the DC clinic, though I do have some questions about their expertise in dealing with male factor infertility. Hopefully, we'll get some good answers at my husband's consult next week and will be able to decide whether or not to stick with the RE and uro we have or move on to someone with more experience with azoospermia. The guy we've picked for plan B, unfortunately, is very expensive. And there are no guarantees which we have at our current clinic. I also worry that we'll be back to square one if we do decide to bail on Dr. Hope and his entourage. It might not come to that, but then again, it might. Just trying to keep all of the options open.

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I saw a t-shirt the other day that said: Hay no peligroso. Soy sterilidad. (There's no danger. I'm sterile.) Would you believe it was being sold just steps away from the Centro Fertilidad? It was. And no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't see the humor in it.


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