Monday, September 27, 2004

save the date

I got a brief e-mail from my husband today that said he set up a telephone consult with Dr. Guru. The consult will be in a little over two weeks which gives us time to send him our bloodwork results and for mu husband to get a scrotal ultrasound done.

The DC clinic wasn't willing to do a consult with us by phone, no matter how many times we begged, no matter how many times we explained that we were coming from another country. So besides being a quick e-mail responder, Dr. Guru is proving himself to be quite accomodating to out-of-towners.

Another point for him.

Since we've never been able to do a phone consult before, I'm not really sure what to expect, how it will go. But I figure if Guru has all of our medical records in hand, he should have a pretty decent picture of our situation and we'll be able to fill in any blanks for him on the phone.

If it all goes well, and Guru is as cool on the phone as he has been in e-mails, we'll make an appointment for an office visit and will likely cut our ties to DC. The only reason we haven't jumped ship yet is because we want to make absolutely sure that Guru is the guy for us.

I'm also not sure exactly how to break it off with Dr. Hope. I really liked him. It's just his pal Dr. Blecch that I can't deal with.

But for now I'm just trying to focus on the positive, the budding relationship with Guru. I really hope he doesn't disappoint.


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