Friday, September 03, 2004

dream a little dream

I dreamt I had a baby last night. A little infant girl. I was in a hotel room with my grandmother who was tidying up all around me as I tried to breastfeed. I couldn't get it right. The baby would latch on for a second and then lose her grip.

I haven't dreamt about babies since this spring. Before we knew what a struggle it would be to have one of our own. I hope the dream means something. The part where I had a baby, at least. I also dreamt that I had to breathe through a plastic contraption in my neck. That part, I hope, won't come true.

Talking to my husband last night, we realized that he should reschedule his consultation with the urologist back to September as originally planned. We have way too many questions for the urologist and don't want him to go for the biopsy just two days after the consult if we're still unsure about the protocol. We read a lot of stuff online last night that makes us question why our docs want to proceed in the way they want to proceed.

So we're hoping his appointment in September is still free. And that we can get all of the answers to our new set of questions during that consult. Everything feels like its getting more and more complicated as time goes on.

But I had that dream. So at least my subconscious is allowing me to think positively.


Blogger spiller said...

Good for your subconscious!And here's hoping you have many more such dreams. They're important.

6:59 PM  

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