Thursday, August 12, 2004

the plan

I finally heard from Nurse Helpful this afternoon. Her e-mail said:

Dear Gringa,
Don't get your panties in a bunch. Yes, your husband's FSH levels are high. And yes you think you're so smart with your search engines and your infertile blog friends giving you all sorts of medical advice, but I checked with Dr. Hope's stand-in and we think all that is a load of crap. The testicular biopsy will go on as planned.

Okay, she didn't really write all that. Her actual e-mail was only two sentences long. She said she checked with Dr. Stand-in and we're supposed to have a testicular biopsy as planned. But I can read between the lines.

What was supposed to be my "official" news of the day was more than disappointing. First of all, I thought the plan was to get my husband's bloodwork results and THEN make a plan. Apparently, I was wrong. Second of all, thanks to my search engines and infertile blog friends, I know that there is more than one way to slice up a testicle and you can get very different results depending on which way you do it. Third of all, we're coming from Mexico! and in order to have any sort of biopsy at all, we need to make travel plans and set up appointments. Nurse Helpful didn't bother with any of that.

I have to admit I abandoned all chances of being considered a "good patient". I wrote right back to Nurse Helpful (not so anymore) and asked her about 349072098 specific questions about "the plan". Is the biopsy diagnostic? Or will it be done at the time of egg retrieval? Do we need donor sperm for backup? What cryobanks does the clinic work with? Which procedure are they planning on using? MESA? TESE? Something else? Does my husband have to meet with the urologist before the biopsy? What about that ultrasound they mentioned at the last visit?Are we still on schedule for starting IVF in September? What else needs to be done before that? Can we sign up for an IVF class? Who do we talk to about the money stuff? Are you going to fire me as a patient for asking so many questions?

Needless to say I haven't heard back yet. And I probably won't until Monday at the earliest. Nurse Helpful has left the office for the day. And she doesn't work Fridays. And she doesn't check e-mail when she's not at work. And Dr. Hope is still on vacation.

Yeah. Hope is definitely on vacation.


Blogger amanda said...

Sorry you have to wait until Monday to hear back from Nurse Helpful. My husband's initial biopsy was a diagnostic one. Nothing was frozen. It was purely to determine the next step. He later had MESA during his unsuccessful surgery. That's when they cryopreserved the sperm.

You're right. You definitely want to find out what kind of biopsy they're talking about. I'm assuming it will probably be diagnositic or TESE, since MESA and PESA are only used with OA. Oh, I guess there's always TESA, too. So many choices.

Good for you for asking a bigillion questions. I'm sorry Hope has to take a vacation. I hope she comes back to the answers to all of your questions.

2:16 PM  
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