Monday, August 09, 2004


We were supposed to have the results of our bloodwork by now. I went over to the clinic last Tuesday and was told to return on Thursday- they still had a couple more tests to do. So, I called on Thursday and was told to come back on Tuesday (tomorrow Tuesday) and I am praying that those lab reports are ready to go. I don't expect any big shockers, but our doctor in DC is waiting for the results and we've found an IVF specialist here in Mexico who also wants a look. And until those results are in our hands, we're unable to move forward.

It feels to me like this whole process takes a non-linear path. It felt like we had made so much progress during our trip to DC. There were new decisions to be made, for sure, but now a whole new element has been added to the mix. Do we go through IVF here in Mexico instead of back in the US?

As with everything, there are pros and cons. I like that I would be home in my own apartment, in my own bed and not needing to stay with my in-laws for three weeks at a stretch. I like that my husband will be with me through the injections and the egg retrieval and the embryo transfer, that I won't have to report to him over the phone from 2000 miles away. The cost per cycle here is lower, as is the cost of the drugs. But in DC, we'd be participating in a shared-risk program so that if we didnt deliver a live baby after six cycles, we'd get all of our money back. Here, there is no such guarantee. And while the new doctor is perfectly bilingual (as is his receptionist), I'm not sure about the rest of his staff and how comfortable I'd be going through such a confusing process in another language.

Last week my husband and I sat down and made a list of all the variables. We added the possibility of me starting a new job into the mix (two possibilities- both of which start in the Fall). And while it was probably the most rational discussion we've had about the matter since we found out we'd be relying on ART to get pregnant, we didn't really come to any conclusions other than every option we toyed around with has its merits.

I suppose we're a bit ahead of ourselves anyway. At least until we get our labwork back and know for sure whether we're dealing with obstructive or non-obstructive azoopermia. And then the ultrasound for my husband and the testicular biopsy and my HSG will help to determine the next course of action. I just hope there are no new surprises, no new variables to add to the already very confused equation.


Blogger amanda said...

The waiting is so frustrating. I hope you get your bloodwork results back soon.

As far as the u/s (you're referring to the TRUS, right? ) and biopsy go, my husband had them done at the same time. That way he could be knocked out for both which was a definite bonus.

Good luck with your decision on where to do IVF. It's a tough one.

9:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beware, the recovery time following the bilateral testicular biopsy was much longer than we had been forwarned for my husband. Poor guy was definitely tender for a good week. Non-obstructive was the result...we are adopting again.

11:35 AM  

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