Tuesday, August 31, 2004

in a nutshell

In an amazing turn of events, Dr. Hope's stand-in nurse spent her entire day in a back and forth e-mail conversation with me. No longer do I feel neglected. No longer am I anxious and frustrated. No longer will I threaten to go off in search of a new RE.

The upshot of the situation is this:

1. My husband has a consult with a urologist scheduled for mid- September. Yes, he's already had a consult with a urologist, but that guy wasn't affiliated with our fertility clinic, so we start again.

2. My husband has to have a diagnostic biopsy. If they find sperm, they'll freeze it. Unfortunately, Dr. Hope thinks that the chance of finding viable sperm is low. Only 5- 20%. But that's better than nothing, right?

3. We can't have the biopsy at the same time as the consult because my husband's schedule and the urologist's schedule are not at all in sync. And we can't have it at the same time as an egg retrieval for IVF because Dr. Hope doesn't want me to go through all of the preparation for IVF for nothing. But we're hoping to schedule the biopsy for October. Early October.

4. Dr. Hope sees no reason why we couldn't start IVF soon after the biopsy- if they find sperm, that is. Or with donor sperm. Either way, it's a bit later than we originally hoped for, but still within a reasonable timeframe. Definitely okay by us.

I've still got a few questions, but the major stuff has been answered. And I'm more than a little relieved that we actually have something concrete to look forward to in this process, even if it's just a consult. And a lot relieved that I'm not being ignored by our docs. Baby steps. Baby steps.


Blogger Indigo Wolf said...

I'm curious, if you go with donor sperm, why would you need to do IVF? Many many women do ICI or IUI with donor sperm and have success. Did the doctors find anything that they though would make it difficult for you to conceive without IVF? I'm just asking because I personally don't want to have to go through such an invasive procedure unless absolutly necessary. Plus IVF is a lot more expensive that IUI or ICI.

3:31 PM  
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