Monday, August 30, 2004


I never heard directly from the headmaster at the school where I'll be working, even after I made a ton of annoying calls to his secretary, but he stopped by my husband's office (whatever) to tell him to tell me to report to the school tomorrow morning to meet with the prinicpal. Something tells me the principal has no clue that I'm supposed to be working there this fall- I tried calling her directly and her secretary seemed very confused as to who I was and what I was calling about. We'll see what happens when I show up there tomorrow. I'm expecting a bit of chaos, but what else is new?

The good news is I finally heard from Dr. Hope's stand-in nurse and have some answers to my questions. Vague answers. Answers that leave me with more questions, but at least they haven't totally forgotten about me.

Dr. Hope wants my husband to have a diagnostic biopsy since his FSH levels are so high. From there, they'll be able to tell us whether or not we'll need to go with donor sperm. We can do the biopsy here or in DC, but likely won't be able to start IVF in September as we were hoping which sucks. I'm not sure what to think about all this- the reading I've done on the subject tends to suggest that with non-obstructive azoospermia, the biopsy isn't all that predictive of whether or not there will be sperm at the time of egg retrieval. I don't know whether to bring that up with Dr. Hope or if I should just go along with what he says. I don't want to be any more annoying than I've already been, but I also don't want to mess up our chances of using my husband's sperm for IVF.

I don't know what I was expecting in Dr. Hope's response to my e-mail, but after reading it, I somehow feel let down. I guess I was hoping that there'd be some explanation as to why we're proceeding this way. Some words of comfort, some success stories. But I just got a couple sentences that didn't say very much at all even as I tried to read between the lines. It's so incredibly frustrating.

I don't think I'll ever stop being amazed at how long this all takes. How each step in the process is so drawn out, how the waiting in between each step lasts forever. I'm hoping we'll be able to schedule a biopsy for my husband sooner than later. And I'm hoping my husband will agree to do it in DC so we can have some face time with our doctors and nurses there. I'm hoping too, that they'll find some sperm that is viable for IVF.

Tonight my husband and I will craft another e-mail to Dr. Hope, this time demanding some more thorough answers. And then we'll wait for a response. And wait and wait and wait.


Blogger amanda said...

I'm glad to hear you finally got a few answers. I think you're right. In NOA patients, the biopsy isn't all that predictive of whether or not there will be sperm at the time of ER. However, I think it can give them more info about which type of NOA you're dealing with.

The waiting does suck so badly. Hang in there. My husband's first SA was in November of 2003, his biopsy was in late April of this year, and we're just now doing IVF. Things definitely move at a snail's pace.

Good luck with getting some more detailed answers from Dr. Hope, and good luck with your new job tomorrow.

2:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm poking my nose in here for one general comment - or advice - take it as you will.

Perhaps Dr. Hope's inability to communicate with you in a reassuring, prompt way is a sign that he's not the right doctor for you. You absolutely should be able to reach a member of his staff during any hour of their workday to ask as many redundant annoying questions as you can come up with. You PAY him. You are HIS BOSS. If this doesn't feel right to you, there are other specialists out there. And one of them is bound to treat you like a human. And when that happens, you can't imagine the relief. And, amazingly enough, the better medicine that goes with it.

So, my dear, annoy away. You've earned it.


7:05 AM  
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