Friday, July 16, 2004


My period arrived this morning. It was a 26 day cycle for me and I was hoping to make it to cycle day 27, at least. Why? Because I was supposed to have my blood tests done on cycle day 3, you know, to confirm that I'm ovulating and all. But now, cycle day 3 is on a Sunday and the labs are closed which means that I'll have to wait a whole cycle before we know for sure.

The thing that really pisses me off is that if Ms. Patient Care Coordinator had ever gotten back to me, I could have had these tests done last month, but she never did. And by the time I got in touch with Nurse Helpful, this cycle was already underway.

I'm pretty sure that I'm ovulating. I've been charting since December and my temps rise and fall as they should, my cervical mucous does pretty much what its supposed to do on any given day, but Dr. Hope needs confirmation, my FSH levels and Estrodiol levels, my LH and TSH and Prolactin levels. And without the day 3 blood tests, its anyone's guess.

I'm hoping that this little setback won't mean that we have to wait that much longer to get started on whatever it is we're going to have to do to get me pregnant. But I fear that it will. A month at least. Damn.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My clinic said that "day 3 labs" can also be done on day 4, as long as that's noted in your chart. You might want to give your clinic a call to see if they'll accept day 4.

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