Tuesday, July 13, 2004

moving right along

Today is a good day.

After leaving a message on Ms. PC's voicemail yesterday, I wised up and decided to call Dr. Hope's office directly. I was put through to the voicemail of one of his nurses and reiterated my plea for some indication of how long it would be necessary for my husband and I to stick around in the DC area for our testing. Nurse Helpful e-mailed me back immediately with some questions about the tests we've already had done and this morning when I got home from the gym, she had already responded to my e-mail to her. So, it looks like I'm in for a battery of blood tests come day 3 of my next period, but at least I won't have to wait another full cycle after meeting with Dr. Hope at the end of the month. Things are moving along.

And in non-fertility news, at the gym today, the woman on the elliptical machine next to mine invited me to a casting call this afternoon. It seems she runs a production company and they're looking for West Indians. I'm not West Indian, but I took down the information anyway and am still debating whether or not I'll take the cab ride to the offices later today. The gig, whatever it may be, would pay $40,000 pesos which is a decent sum of money. I've got no acting experience or modeling experience or any experience related to any sort of performing whatsoever, but I also have plenty of time on my hands and nothing to lose.


Blogger Monique said...

Whatever you "have" appears to be something that the lady wanted/found appealing/was looking for. So, it's a good thing you took down the information. What have you got to loose?

9:35 AM  
Blogger Indigo Wolf said...

Well damn, go for it! By now you have already made that decision, so I'm interested to see what you did decide.

4:04 PM  

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