Wednesday, July 28, 2004

i'm in with the in-crowd

We're back from DC. And we've figured out the problem. More or less. We met with Dr. Hope on Monday morning and I was relieved that he was way more attractive than his goofy picture on the clinic's website had led me to believe. When I first saw his photo,I was worried that I wouldn't be able to take him seriously, but he has gotten a haircut and grown some facial hair since the embarrassing photo was taken and is not a bad looking man at all- but I digress.

I loved Dr. Hope. He talked with us for about an hour and then we met with his nurse, Nurse Helpful of the instantaneous e-mail responses. I loved her too. They basically gave us the run-down on the entire IVF process and ordered more bloodwork for my husband and I and the dreaded HSG for me (which I'll have to do next cycle). The clinic's success rates are high and I left feeling better about things, especially since it looks like we can start IVF as soon as September, if we choose to do so.

On Tuesday, we met with Dr. Too Cool for School (the urologist) and he was friendly and all, but young. Very young and I got the distinct impression that he had some sort of chip on his shoulder since he wasn't one of the urologists that Dr. Hope regularly refers his patients to. But, I had to like him if only because he provided the missing link to the whole infertility mess: My husband has a variocele.

Now, for those of you who don't know, a variocele is basically a varicose vein in the scrotum. Mmmm, delish! And it can be repaired with surgery. Dr.TCFS told us that if my husband gets variocele repair surgery, there's a pretty good chance that we'll be able to conceive naturally. But, unlike Dr. Hope, DR. TCFS didn't have numbers to back up this claim. And while the idea of conceiving naturally is more than appealing, I couldn't help but feel that Dr. TCFS deosn't want us to have IVF because of some weird adolescent feeling of rejection by the docs at Dr. Hope's clinic.

Now maybe that's not fair, but its how I feel. And so we're planning on seeing another urologist here in Mexico for a second (third?) opinion. Someone who is so far out of the DC infertility clinic loop that they won't let a little thing like peer rejection inform their recommendations to us.

I'm also not sure about having my husband go through the surgery, waiting the six to nine months to find out if it takes, only to discover that he's still without sperm and we're back to square one. Then again, I'm not all that psyched about shooting myself up with hormones every night and having to spend 3 whole weeks with my inlaws while Dr. Hope monitors the growth of my follicles. So, right now its a toss-up between going straight for the IVF or giving the variocele repair a try. I hope it becomes more clear after we meet with the doctor here in Mexico.

So, we found some stuff out, but we're still at a standstill for now. But at least the trip to IKEA was successful. The new duvet cover is on the bed as I type.


Blogger Monique said...

OH!!! IKEA! I love that store!

Isn't it nice to know something? I have always hated that my infertility has always been a mystery.

My HSG's have been very bad. The last one I had was rather uncomfortable because I was in this dark X-Ray room with a man who reminded me a lot of my grandfather. He talked a lot and I was cramping... I have never wanted to kick someone in their head so bad. To make matters worse, his assistant was a doll who I could see being lifelong friends with. There was no way that was going to happen though since she had seen me in all my naked glory.

9:38 PM  
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