Friday, July 16, 2004


If anyone's wondering, the bookshelf arrived at 11:45 yesterday morning. Not too bad, all things considered. And I got right to work with the paint job. My husband and I finished the final touches last night at around 11 with less bickering than you would imagine.

By the time we woke up this morning, the paint was dry and we moved the shelves from the entry way into the bedroom and its already full of books, looking like its been in that room since day one. We did a good job on it, I must say. And I did have my doubts at about 3:00 yesterday afternoon when it was only half done and my vision was blurred due to all of the paint fumes I'd inhaled. I'd post a picture, but it wouldn't do it justice.

I have to say, tackling that project made me wonder how on earth the people on shows like Trading Spaces and While You Were Out manage to redo entire rooms in a matter of a couple of days. It took almost 12 hours for me to paint a bookshelf! I didn't even have to make the thing! What if I had had to make curtains and paint the walls and make a funky headboard for the bed too?

Luckily I didn't. Because a good friend of mine is coming for a weekend visit in a couple of hours and there's no way in hell all that would have been done by the time I have to leave to pick her up from the airport.

But damn, if that bookshelf doesn't look good.


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