Friday, July 16, 2004

almost famous, part 2

I don't think I'm going to be in that Rum ad. No one has called to tell me that I'm one photo shoot away from being the next big thing. And that's okay. I'd feel a little bit guilty if my friend flew 2000 miles to see me, but I was too busy shaking my tush on a catwalk to entertain her. My time will come.

Oh yes it will. While its not quite as exciting as the prospect of seeing my face on billboards all over the city for the next year, I may have a cameo appearance in the September issue of Marie Claire Mexico.

Intrigued? I knew you would be.

I was walking home from the Office Max yesterday. (I had to run out to buy masking tape for the bookshelf painting project.) And I stopped by this little boutique to look in the windows at their shoes. (I need shoes for a wedding we're going to at the end of August.) And while I was peering in the windows, a woman from Marie Claire Mexico came up to me and asked me if I would answer a couple of questions and then get my picture taken for the magazine. "Porque no?" I said. And she proceeded to ask me about femicide.

Now, her exact question was (and granted, this is based on my shoddy Spanish ability): What is your opinion of femicide?

Me (in Spanish): Can I answer in English?

Her (in Spanish): Sure.

Now I have to say here that I thought that if I spoke in my native tongue, I'd have a much better chance of expressing myself somewhat intelligently. But I should have stuck to the Spanish. I sounded like an idiot. And at least if I was speaking Spanish, the woman would have thought that the language barrier was giving me troubles. Instead, the fact that I had just lost about 356,067,965 brain cells because of the paint fumes in my apartment quickly became apparent.

Me: Well, I think that femicide is the killing of women. Just because they're women. And it can be done by husbands or boyfriends or strangers. It's really bad.

(Can you tell that a good part of my graduate education was spent studying violence against women? Yep. I have two masters degrees!)

Her (in Spanish): Do you know about the killings that happened up in-

Me (gesturing wildly, sort of pointing up to the sky)

Her: Juarez?

Me: Oh yeah. It's horrible. And as an American, I have to say that I'm a little shocked by the lack of intervention by the police.

Her (nodding and wishing she hadn't stopped me for this little interview): Well, thank you.
(pulling a big piece of paper and a permanent marker out of her bag) Can you write down something that represents your feelings about femicide? It can be a word or a sign. Anything that expresses your feelings.

Me (taking the paper and crouching down to write on the sidewalk): ANGER

(Am I really angry? A little. But most of the things I'm angry about have very little to do with the women who have been killed up north. My anger at the moment is directed at my husbands malfunctioning testicles and the patient care coordinator at the clinic in DC. But is "anger" the word that best describes how I feel about the stuff going on in Juarez? Not really. "Ignorant" would have worked. Or "Apathetic at the Moment" or even "Too Preocuppied with Other Things". But no, I wrote ANGER.

I held up my sign and the two photgrapher guys took my picture. The woman who owns the little boutique came outside all pissed off that her window was going to be in the picture. She shouted at the photographers about how they needed to ask her permission first. Of course, when she found out they were from Marie Claire, she calmed right down. Ooh, free publicity!

Did I mention that I was running a quick errand in the middle of my painting project? And that I was wearing a grungy gray t-shirt and jeans with holes in them and I had specks of paint on my face and in my hair? Did I mention, too, that while I held up my ANGER sign, I had a huge smile on my face for the camera? Oh, but I did.

They thanked me and said that the article would come out in September. So, if you happen to pick up a copy of the September issue of Marie Claire Mexico and some idiot gringa woman is quoted as saying that femicide is "really bad", well, that would be me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bwahahaha! I had almost this same experience being interviewed for the "Que Opina El Publico" section in TV y Novelas magazine. I was able to express my rage at the character they were asking me about, but my comments were kind of goofy (albeit in Spanish). And the photo of me was hilarious. I still bought about 10 copies of the magazine to show my family, though.


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