Wednesday, June 02, 2004

she works hard for the money

I feel a bit guilty admitting this, but one of the perks to living in Mexico is that I have a maid. Okay, here we call her the maid, but if we were back in the States and could actually afford her, she'd be our "cleaning lady".

Silvia comes once a week on Wednesdays and cleans our apartment. I'm a neat freak, but a dirty neat freak. That is to say- I hate clutter, but I also hate scrubbing the bathtub. So, left to my own devices, everything in our apartment would be in its place, but covered in a thick layer of dust. I can organize things until I'm blue in the face, but don't ask me to iron your shirts!

So Wednesdays is Silvia's day to come and do all of the stuff I'm awful at. She washes the floors and dusts the bookshelves and irons my husband's shirts. She scrubs the top of the stove and wipes the mirrors, waters my plants, and beats the rugs. And believe me, she is a godsend. I love coming home on Wednesday afternoons to the smell of lemon fresh goodness.


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