Thursday, June 10, 2004

my bad

Yesterday I posted about how unsupportive my real life friends have been through all of this infertility nonsense. And well, I was wrong. Again.

This is a bit confusing, but the woman who was my maid of honor(the one I was so angry at) e-mailed this morning, basically re-sending the e-mail that she had sent to me a few days ago, the one I responded to with my bad news.

She wrote that she had tried to send her e-mail once, but it got sent back to her. And so she was sending it again. . .Now, when I replied her to original e-mail a few days ago, it got sent back to me. So I re-sent it by forwarding the "undeliverable" message to her other e-mail address, BUT I didn't change the subject line. So, I'm thinking that she got my e-mail, but thought it was hers being returned and so she just deleted it without reading it.

Anyway, I wrote back to her this morning and got an almost immediate reply. She'd even tried calling me, but the line was busy. Of course it was- I was here posting away. . .So, I feel like a total ass for jumping to the conclusion that she was just an insensitive bitch. She's not. And I'm sorry. And that's my formal apology.


Blogger Monique said...


We alllllllllllll make mistakes. :) We wouldn't be human if we didn't. Plus, life would be super boring!

11:58 AM  
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