Wednesday, June 23, 2004

making plans

I'm feeling a little anxious today since it's been over a week and I still haven't heard back from the fertility clinic about scheduling an appointment. We filled out the online form last week and were hoping to get a reply a couple of days later, but so far nothing. They did warn us that it could take up to four weeks to get an appointment, but I assumed that meant four weeks until we were meeting with a doctor, not four weeks until they told us that we'd be able to see a doctor in another month or two. I'm tempted to call them, but am afraid that if I do, they'll write me off as an impatient patient (which I am) and I'll end up waiting six months or so for that initial consultation.

The bright side to not knowing if and when we'll be traveling to DC to be poked and prodded and questioned about all matters personal and private is that sans appointment, we're free to plan our first anniversary trip. When I arrived home from my ten-year reunion a couple of evenings ago, my darling husband was on the phone with United with a print-out of the itinerary for our romantic anniversary get-away in front of him.

The plan is to go to Atlanta for a couple of days and maybe see some friends there, catch a Brave's game, do some sightseeing before renting a car and driving to Savannah and Charleston.

Now, when we traveled to Asia for our honeymoon last year, I was the one who did all the preliminary research of where to eat, where to shop, what to see. And in true type-A form, I wrote up a detailed itinerary for each place we'd be visiting. So, it was a lovely surprise to see that my husband had already figured out the best places to eat, the most romantic bed and breakfasts in the southland, and even found a free concert on the water to go to on the fourth of July.

So last night we found ourselves online looking at the sites of these romantic bed and breakfasts and were sorely disappointed in what we found. First of all, they were all pretty expensive- not unaffordable, but certainly more than we'd like to pay for a night in essentially what will turn out to be someone's home. And then, even more discouraging than the cost, was the decor. Where is it written that all B&Bs from New England to Florida must be decorated in a calico Holly Hobbie theme, or if near any body of water, look like part of the Master and Commander set? Is there no such thing as a tasteful B&B? One with rooms that don't feature pastel flowered wallpaper, a canopied bed, and a teddy bear on the pillow? I've yet to find one. And if I'm going to spend more than $200 a night to sleep somewhere, please let it have cable TV, internet access, and a shower in my room. A pool would be nice and/or a balcony, little shampoos and conditioners by the bathroom sink. I don't even need room service (though that would be a bonus), I just don't want to sleep in someone else's idea of quaint.

So, while the trip to the South is still on (as of this writing), we're rethinking the bed and breakfast idea. A chain hotel, while not as homey, will at least guarantee us some sort of familiarity- and my husband can earn his beloved points to assure us future stays at said hotel.

There's so much uncertainty in our lives right now, that perhaps it is best to stick with what we know. And there is comfort in knowing that we won't have to make polite conversation with strangers over breakfast, that we won't have to worry about thin walls or walking down the hall to the bathroom in the middle of the night. There is comfort in the fact that we will be together, anonymously celebrating our first anniversary in a room that doesn't remind us of our grandmothers' homes.


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