Wednesday, June 09, 2004


I just got an e-mail from the alumni magazine at my alma mater telling me that they lost the wedding photo I sent to them. Never mind that we're celebrating our first anniversary in less than a month or that I sent them the wedding photo SIX MONTHS AGO!! How do you lose such a thing in the first place? And why has it taken them so long to let me know? Did they just lose it? And if so, why were they holding on to it for so long? Why weren't we pictured in the last issue among all the other happy brides and grooms who attended our school?

Now they want me to send them another one (Luckily I have copies). I'm going to do one better and hand-deliver it to the alumni magazine office when I'm on campus next week. But can I even trust them with it? Will our wedding announcement be published anytime in the next few years? The information that I wrote to accompany the picture is not even relevant anymore. Not that it really matters, I can tell anyone who gives a damn at my reunion next week. But still.

I'm just in a foul mood today and this is one more thing to complain about.


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