Thursday, June 24, 2004

in the middle of the night

The anniversary plans are well underway. My husband found a bed and breakfast in Savannah that appears to meet our requirements: romantic, not over-top-expensive, tastefully decorated, and the rooms have private baths, color tv, and cd players. So, while we'll spend most of our trip in the familiar chain hotels, we'll hopefully have two romantic nights at the Kehoe House. (Please let them have vacancies!)

Over dinner last night, hubby and I reminisced about our wedding night which was spent in an upscale B&B in Maine. My mother had given us three nights there as a wedding gift and unfortunately, we were too tired and too busy that weekend (getting married and all) to enjoy it to the fullest. The kicker was that on our actual wedding night we stayed out so late after the reception that we got locked out of the inn and while I waited on the front porch in full wedding regalia, throwing stones at the nearest windows hoping someone would wake up and let us in, my tuxedo clad husband found an open window and crawled through (luckily not setting off any alarms), unlocked the front door for me and found our room key in its little cubbyhole behind the front desk. The next morning, the friendly concierge greeted us with "I hear you had a little trouble getting into your room last night." To which we shyly answered "Yes, but it all worked out okay."

I'm positive we'll never be allowed back. We created quite the scene that morning. And it was morning when we broke in. Around 4 a.m. I hope that history doesn't repeat itself on our anniversary.


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