Tuesday, June 08, 2004

hoping for the best

Apparently, there are no fertility clinics in all of Mexico City. At least according to google. Do a search for fertility clinics in English and there are pages upon pages of places that promise to get you pregnant within a few cycles. Add the words "Mexico City" to that same search and you get a bunch of irrelevant sites, most of which talk about the fertility rates of the Mexican population and one little gem that should serve as a warning to all of us: about the fertility doctor who was stealing eggs from his patients and fled to Mexico. And yes, he IS still practicing here!

I tried the search in Spanish too. But to no avail. Apparently, the people of Mexico City have no problems getting knocked up. Maybe I shouldn't be surprised, given that the population of this city is over 22 million. But still. Is it too much to ask for one fertility clinic to be listed on google?! I suppose so.

We were planning on going back to the US for treatment anyway. But it would be nice to have a preliminary consultation here before shelling out the dough for the plane tickets. My husband will have to take time off of work, of course. And despite all of the web research I've done so far, I have no idea just how long this is all going to take. I don't mean the getting pregnant part- I mean the true diagnosis and the testicular biopsy and the extraction of the sperm (if there is any up there) and the harvesting of my eggs. . .And well, it gets a little overwhelming.

Forgive the comparison, but I'm reminded of how I felt when I realized that I would have to plan my Maine wedding from Mexico. Sure my mom was in Maine and could do the legwork for me, just as my husbands parents are in Maryland and can do the legwork for us. But when it came down to the nitty-gritty details of tasting the cake and meeting the florist and trying on my dress, well, I had to be there myself. And so I flew up regularly to have the appointments that my mom had set up for me. Just like my husband and I will fly up to make the appointments that his parents set up for us. But still, I feel like I don't have as much control over everything as I would like. The good news is, the wedding came off without a hitch. And perhaps this will too. Perhaps we'll have a baby in our arms by our second anniversary. I can only hope.

Still, my in-laws are about to embark on a two week vacation and have yet to schedule an appointment for us. This despite the fact that they are good friends with someone who supposedly knows "the best" reproductive endocrinologists in the area. I think in some sense they're hoping the problem goes away. They called last night and tried to comfort us with the fact that my husband's cousin had twins after 10 years. They didn't seem to get the fact that it was an ovulation problem with her. Not a sperm count problem with him. And that without some sort of invasive procedure, our problem won't go away. I've read in more than one resource that female factor infertility problems are harder to diagnose than male factor infertility, but easier to treat. Great.


Blogger Indigo Wolf said...

Hi there. Try searching under sperm bank. Usually the banks have a fertility clinic as well. In fact, I just looked, you'd be better off looking in on-line yellow pages. I found one place, here's the info:


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Good Luck! -Carrie Jo

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got married in Maine too. And I had to plan my Maine wedding from Texas. What part of Maine did you get married in? I got hitched in Hollis, near Portland.


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